We are a church family of people who live in Totnes and the surrounding villages. Our aim is to grow in our relationship with God and to share our faith in Jesus with our friends and neighbours in this community. We love worshipping God together and experiencing the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. We meet at 10:30am on Sunday mornings.

If you are a visitor we hope you enjoy your stay in our historic town and the surrounding area. You are welcome to join us in worship; on Sunday please come and have tea or coffee with us in the hall after Mass. Meeting at 6:30pm Saturday evening and on 10:30am Sundays.

What is BRITE?

BRITE is a passionate celebration of the goodness of God. Though this event is hosted by Christians we believe this festival will have a positive impact on everyone who comes regardless of background or life philosophy.

With a great line up of live music, street food, testimonies, prayer experiences and fun activities we intend to light up the town annually with an unforgettable experience.


What are the aims of BRITE?

BRITE seeks to:

  • Passionately share the richness and diversity of Christian life and culture.
  • Welcome innovation and creativity in the way we express the goodness of God.
  • Do everything in a spirit of celebration involving the best of local street food, music, and exhibits.
  • Champion local Christian and secular initiatives that are making a positive impact on people in the town.
  • Deepen the love between churches and grassroots organisations working together for the good of our community.
  • Inspire other communities across the region to get together, get organised, get creative and courageous in their celebration of all God has done.

Who are the organisers of BRITE?

BRITE is run by Matt Gopal, Kate Moreton, Ade Gascoyne and David Eaton, a dream team who meet together throughout the year to work out all the fine detail stuff. The event itself is a collaboration between Christians from a few different Totnes Churches and various local and national contributors (see above for more information).